+++LOCATION: Goonan Orbital Security Office, Noongaa+++

Reporting Officer: Sheriff Wilson

Incident Location: Universal Cartographics Office, Goonan Orbital

Nature of Incident: Assault, Bodily Harm

Plaintiff: Jim Phlemgis, manager and sole employee of UC Goonan Orbital. Station Personnel ID 3841

Perpetrator: CMDR Dexter Vex

Interview Begins 18.46

[Sheriff Wilson] – I’m sure you know why we’re having this conversation, Vex?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Not really.

[Sheriff Wilson] – You assaulted a member of station personnel. In front of witnesses.  You apparently told Jim, and I quote, “If you don’t stop looking down your nose at me, I’m going to break it.”

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Sounds like something I’d say.

[Sheriff Wilson] – You then proceeded to do precisely that.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Well, I did warn him.

[Sheriff Wilson] – That’s hardly the point, you put him in the medi bay. He’s having to have the tissues regrafted and the cartilage rebuilt.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Then hopefully he’ll remember this the next time he tries to short change someone for their exploration data.

[Sheriff Wilson] – …You went exploring?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Yes, what’s your point?

[Sheriff Wilson] – Well to be frank Mr-

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – -Commander-

[Sheriff Wilson] – …Commander Vex, I’ve seen your record.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – ….and?

[Sheriff Wilson] – Well, you don’t really strike me as the explorer sort.  You’ve got a string of assault charges throughout inhabited space…

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Yup.

[Sheriff Wilson] – …and a slightly worrying number of bounty kills to your name.  You’re rated as Trade Broker, and Combat Master. Why go exploring?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Don’t see how that’s any of your business.

[Sheriff Wilson] – And then there’s the incident from twelve years ago.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Didn’t break any laws.

[Sheriff Wilson] – Frankly, Vex, you’re a pain in the ass. Specifically my ass.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – (Derisive snort)

[Sheriff Wilson] – And I can’t help but think that this would all be better if you were someone else’s problem.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – You got anyone in mind for that job?

[Sheriff Wilson] – They’re looking for bounty hunters in Kaushpoos.  I suggest you head there, because if you’re still in the station when Jim wakes up he’ll press charges.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – That man’s a dick.

[Sheriff Wilson] – Yeah I know.  In fairness, you did break his nose.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Like I said, I did warn him.

Interview Concludes 19.08



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