People are likely to mock me for exploring with guns and a kill warrant scanner.  “Why not just leave that behind? You’ll jump further, and there’s nothing dangerous out there,” they say.  Well, they can tell that to this guy.

CMDR VEX 30.10.3301

That’s battle damage, and an Imperial Clipper too, which is hardly the most obvious choice for an explorer.  I have no idea what’s it’s doing out here but I bet their last thought was: “I wish I’d bought guns with me”.  I did grab the survey data they left behind though – they weren’t using it.

I’ve been through the Orion Nebula, which was red, by the way; then onto Bernard’s Loop, which was also red.  The Horse Head Nebula was extremely red.  If I’m completely honest this exploration gig’s getting a tad dull.  I think it may be time to head home.  From here though I can see everything I’ve just come through.

CMDR VEX 30.10.3301Yup, it was all red.  That said I did visit BD-12 1172 in the Spirograph Nebula.  That wasn’t red. That actually wasn’t too bad.

CMDR VEX 30.10.3301

Yeah, it turns out the even a bastard like me has to admit that space is surprisingly pretty when he’s flying though purple asteroids in a green nebula under a blue star.  Even so, I’m not sure I’m cut out for this exploring crap.  One nice view in 400 systems doesn’t exactly work for me.

Still, I may holiday in the Spirograph Nebula again.

+++END LOG – CMDR VEX – ABOARD EYE OF HORUS – 30.10.3301+++


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