EliteDangerous32 2015-11-03 23-47-04


[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – You going to stay and hunt a few more pirates with me?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – What? Sorry. Was thinking about the Galnet report.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – What report?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – About the ‘unidentified artifacts’ found in the Pleiades.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – So what?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – They sound alien. The scientists they have working on them are top-secret-project types. When I asked the girl at Universal Cartographics why I couldn’t get to Polaris, she told me it had been cordoned off since the Alliance was formed.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – How exciting.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Mocking tone noted.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Just waiting for you to tell me what the hell you’re talking about.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – I read up on it. One of the last sightings of the Thargoids was at Polaris – around the time of the Alioth Uprising. Someone has kept it off the Navmaps since then. Now, they’re finding weird chittering alien-sounding things in the Pleiades Nebula. Guess where this station is being sent once it’s built?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – The Pleiades. I see what you’re driving at.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Weird coincidence, eh? I mean, why send a station there? It’s well-charted space.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Yep.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – I think I’m going to head out there and see for myself.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – How has this got anything to do with you?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – What? That’s irrelevant.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Just don’t see why you need to get involved.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – It doesn’t have anything to do with me, but if these are Thargoid relics that are popping up, I want to find one. If it helps you understand, they’d be worth millions to a collector.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Oh. Well, that’s different. When are you going to go?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Tonight.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – You’ve got time for me to make you a drink then.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – By the way, I saw them kitting your new toy out on the way up here.  Very nice, very you. What are you calling her?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Samuel’s Revenge.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Nice. Course you are.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – A few more runs like the last one and I’ll have her properly set up. The plasma accelerator for the point on the underside won’t be cheap.


[Neville Horizons Docking Bay Controller] – Commander Souvarine, we’ve finished the repairs on the your ship. 

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Thank you, I’ll be there in a bit.


[Cmdr Souvarine] – That’s probably my cue to get out of your hair.  Try not to get into any trouble without me.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – No promises. Look, will you at least try to be careful out there?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – I will.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – If you find giant space bugs – run.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Ha ha. You going to hang around here?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – As long as the money’s good.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – OK. Happy hunting. God speed, Vex.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Take care, Sou.



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