I met up with Sou yesterday here in Kaushpoos.  He’s just returned from a bit of light exploration and a near death experience in that death trap he calls a ship.  First thing the lanky git does is step in and stop me teaching a couple of system security pilots some manners.  I’m just squaring up for a very pleasant little rumble when a familiar mess of black hair swings into view and I hear him in his posh drawl say:

“Vex my friend, these chaps just want an introduction.  Gentlemen, my name’s Souvarine and this shining example of diplomacy is Dexter Vex,  so named because that’s what he tends to do to people.  You must excuse him, he really can be terribly charming when he’s not knocking teeth out but he sadly missed several elementary lessons on tact, decorum, interpersonal relations, and, clearly, counting.”. He looked at me and winked so the arseholes couldn’t see it. “Come on Vex,” he says, grabbing my arm and dragging me to the door. “We’ve got our terribly difficult System Security entrance exam to study for.”

I’ve gotta give it to him, he’s a funny sod; I love it when he says crap like that, he makes it sound like a compliment and he sells it so well they won’t have realised till this morning that he actually insulted them.  Still, he could have let me have my fun before we had a drink.  As it was I only got to nut a guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer from a lady at the bar, but there was only one of him and he was so drunk it hardly counted.

Sou suggested we teamed up for a bit. He’s got a real target lock about this station they’re sending to Pleiades for some reason, and is really keen to see it built.  I made some grumbling noises about not wanting to babysit him for too long.  Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind the company and he’s quite a tidy little scrapper if he doesn’t get distracted by something shiny.

Hopefully the Vortigaunt won’t take it into it’s head to gimp the thrusters or shut down the power plant mid-fight.  The Domus Alba is, of course, behaving herself beautifully. I picked her up on my way here – if you want to do a job you bring the right tool to do it.

CMDR VEX - 02.11.3301

Just time while I wait for Sou to savour one of the Kamitra Cohibas that he bought for me on his way here.  Then we’ll head out and turn some predators into prey.


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