EliteDangerous32 2015-11-08 16-26-20

I swept past the Anaconda and stripped it of its remaining shields with my beam lasers.  Of course, I ended up with him behind me but at that moment Sou started strafing him with fragment and multi-cannons from the Vortigaunt. The Anaconda slowly turned around to bring his guns in line with this new threat – mistake.  

I throttled back and toggled off the flight assist, spinning the Domus Alba on the spot and bringing the ‘Troika’ to bear on the Anaconda’s exposed underbelly.  Targeting the main power plant, I unleashed all three cannons, hammering through the thick armour and crippling the reactor.  The Anaconda hung there, dead in the water, while Sou and I finished him off.  The frame shift drive going critical tore him apart from the inside.

EliteDangerous32 2015-11-08 16-26-27

Fighting on the dark side of a planet, especially in an asteroid field, is always a challenge.  I’d nearly collided with a couple of rocks myself and Sou had come alarmingly close to hitting me on more than one occasion.  I moved us up above the field a little to get a clear view.  There’s only so many times I can watch Sou do this.

CMDR VEX 02.11.3301

There was a Federal Assault Ship heading to intercept a Type 9 hauler that was trying to leave with its latest run of cargo for the new station.  No need for finesse here –  we gunned the engines and headed straight at his top side, nailing him with everything we had. He turned and tried to run.

He tried to run

It didn’t help him.

It didn't help

The Type 9 sent us their thanks and jumped.  “I’m just going to use the bathroom,” I told Sou, putting the ship into a gentle spin to generate some gravity and getting out of my seat.  I know you can go to the gents in zero G but why would you if you don’t need to?  As I sat down I heard the console chirp with Souvarine’s excited tones. “I can see a wanted Imperial Clipper, I’m heading to him.  Catch me up when you’re done.”  

No, no, no.  

I hurriedly sealed my flight suit back up and, moving as fast as the low gravity would allow, dived back into my seat.  We’d emerged into the daylight side while I’d been out and I could see the Vortigaunt in the distance.

Clippers come in two forms: some are armed traders, and then some have a combat spec which can easily hold its own against a ‘Conda.  No prizes for guessing which Sou had engaged.

EliteDangerous32 2015-11-02 21-15-46

By the time I got back to my seat Sou’s shields were down and his hull was taking damage. He doesn’t have any additional armour on the Vortigaunt – it hampers his jump range – so the Clipper was punching holes through his hull the size of my fist.

Now the Domus Alba is many admirable things, but fast she is not – even with the best thrusters I can put on her.  By the time I caught up with them Sou was down to 28% hull integrity.  He couldn’t engage his frame shift drive to get out of there because the asteroids were mass-locking him but, tenacious bugger that he is, the Clipper’s shields were down.  As the Domus Alba and I ploughed towards them at a stately pace I pushed all the power I could to the weapons capacitor and opened up.

CMDR VEX 02.11.3301

The ‘Troika’, backed up by the beams, did their work but there’s only so much damage you can do to such a big ship in a small amount of time.  With the Clipper’s hull at 8% the weapons capacitor ran dry and the Troika’s clips emptied.  There was nothing for it.

I diverted all the power back to the shields and activated the boosters.  It was desperate, but 850 tons of Python moving at 320 metres per second finished the job.   The impact was colossal. It took my shields down, and as I drifted a lump of debris the size of my apartment collided with my hull. It scraped along the bodywork beside the cockpit window and made a hell of a mess of the Alba’s paint work.

Clipper Wreck

The radio clicked as Souvarine went to say something that he probably thought was funny, but I was in no mood.  

“Don’t.  Say.  A  fucking word.” I snapped into the mic.  

Silence. Then, rather sheepishly, he quietly said:

“I’m really sorry Vex. Ummmm, could we please go and get some repairs?”

CMDR VEX 02.11.3301 +++END LOG – CMDR VEX ABOARD DOMUS ALBA – 02.11.3301+++


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