CMDR VEX: 05.11.3301 – DANGEROUS

+++BEGIN LOG – CMDR VEX – APT. 6682, B RING, KUBE-MCDOWELL CITY – 05.11.3301+++

I’ve made an awful lot credits in Kaushpoos hunting the type of scum who usually try and pick on miners.  This particular group was probably quite surprised to see hundreds of well armed combat vessels descend on them, suggesting they pick on someone their own size.

For my efforts the Pilots Federation has seen fit to elevate me to “Dangerous”.  I have to say it has a nice ring to it – “Commander Dexter Vex – Dangerous”.

But all good things must come to an end.  The palladium has been mined, the pirates have been shot, and they’ve started work in earnest on that station that Sou’s tenting his flight suit about.

They were still fitting out Samuel’s Revenge so I left them too it and took the Domus Alba home.  I loaded the cargo bay with performance enhancers with the hope that someone would try their luck but with the exception of one very ambitious Viper pilot when I reached Opila no one gave me much bother.

He chose poorly

Home Again

Kube-Mcdowell City.  It turns out that while I was away the Federation’s been gaining influence in the system.  If they come to my station then we may have a problem but until then I’ll just keep an eye on them.  I called Caia’s matron and engaged her for the week then almost immediately left to go and oversee the final fit of Samuel’s Revenge.  Sou would be the first to say I am not a good passenger, and I was not going to let some pillock loose in my new toy, so…


I bought a Sidewinder.  I HATE Sidewinders.  They’re slow, they’re ugly.  They are universally second hand, and smell of feet.  Sou loves his – he says it’s the best sidewinder in the galaxy.  He thinks that’s a good thing.  It’s not.

I didn’t have to put up with it for long though.  I landed back at Neville Horizons and climbed into the pilots chair of a Fer De Lance for the first time.  This is not ugly.  It is not slow.  It is definitely not second hand.  It smells of money.

I'm In Love

I’m not sure about the colour, and they’ve stocked the bar I had put in with non alcoholic beverages because “you shouldn’t drink and fly”.  But both of those are easily fixed though, and apart from that I am in love.

With that I need to go and finish cooking.  Now I’m home I can eat properly again.  No more food cubes for a bit, no more synthetic meat or food that’s been packed and flown from God knows where.  Fresh food, grown on the planet I’m orbiting.  What could be better?

+++END LOG – CMDR VEX – APT. 6682, B RING, KUBE-MCDOWELL CITY – 05.11.3301+++


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