Is it recording? Open log.

Current location, Aries Dark Region GW-W D1-52. Approximately four hundred light seconds from the star. No other celestial bodies present. It’s… What time is it? 21:28.

I’ve found one.


I’ve bloody found one. After hours of searching, a strong signal source pops up on my scanner and bang – there it is.

It’s terrifying. I’ve never seen anything like it. This is huge.

Right… breathe. Time to log contact so far.

When I dropped from supercruise to the signal’s location at first I saw nothing. Nothing, except the Vortigaunt seemed to log a scan. I don’t know what that was about. Could be the elusive software glitch – or it could have been the object.

I used the sensors to close in on it, to about fifty metres. I was wary of getting closer as it spits off these sort of blue sparks and periodically gives off a kind of haze, in different colours. That might be corrosive.

It has a central ‘spine’, with three sets of four ‘canisters’ attached. The bulbous end is roughly spherical and glows with alternating glue and green lights, as do the hieroglyph-like markings on the ‘canisters’. I don’t know what they mean. There’s another light – a deep, bright light, like you see on ships’ heat vents – that accompanies the sound. 


Oh God, the sound.

The sound is the worst part. There’s constant static noise that seems to pervade every inch of the cockpit, and my skull. Then every so often it gives off this bone-chilling, bellowing howl. It’s like a whale call from inside a metal pipe.

Then there’s the chittering.

It’s coded, for sure. A series of short and longer ‘chitters’ that seems to play in a loop. I’m recording it right now. I need to run it through a spectograph, but if the reports from the Canonn Research Group are correct, I know what it will be.

The schematics of my ship.

I’ve checked it’s alignment, and it’s pointed straight towards the Pleiades Nebula. It should be pointing exactly to the dimmest star. Merope.

I’m going to try to scoop it into the hold, then take it there. I need to see what happens. I’m copying this log directly to the black box, just in case.

Souvarine out.



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