+++BEGIN LOG – CMDR VEX ABOARD DOMUS ALBA – 14.11.3301+++EliteDangerous32 2015-11-13 22-52-40

Well I’m back at Neville Horizons again.  I spent a week or more in Opila but I’m starting to realise that I need more than my comfortable little life can offer.  Back when all I had was the Bulldog I took every job that was going. Assassinations, seek and destroy missions, even smuggling for the right price.  But I’m no longer at that level.  A few thousand for hunting some nobody down is barely worth undocking for.  If I’m not being paid in the high six figures I may as well stay in bed.  It’s warmer, and the company is generally of a better class.

In short,  I’m bored.

These guys in Kaushpoos are starting on the final stage of construction and they’ve asked for more help.  They’re paying a premium for computer components and they want someone to keep the pirates off the traders’ backs.  The Domus Alba will happily do both so I’ve given her a bit of a refit and brought her back here.  I’ve stripped the cannons out and given her a couple of pulse turrets on the topside, and a nice large beam on the bottom.  The turrets can literally fire all day long leaving the beam and the multi cannons for dealing high damage to the big boys.EliteDangerous32 2015-11-13 22-16-49

One of Earth’s ancient nuclear physicists once said “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”  I kinda feel like that.

I call this particular mode of operation “fishing”.  Load up the cargo bay, fly to your destination and when the scum of the sector interdict you, submit and give them the fright of their bloody lives.  I’d say it teaches them a lesson but the learning curve is fatally steep.

EliteDangerous32 2015-11-13 20-36-45



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