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[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Is this a cat?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Ummm. Yes. Yes it is.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Why is there a cat on this seat? And why does it apparently hate me?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – She’s an antisocial loner I rescued from certain death in deep space.  You two ought to have much to discuss.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Screw you.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Was that: “Thank you Souvarine for hot-footing it across known space to save me from suffocating to death all alone in the infinite void”?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Sorry. Thanks.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – My pleasure. It wasn’t out of my way at all.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – But – seriously, a cat?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – I couldn’t just let it die, could I?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Well…

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Actually, don’t answer that. She seems happy enough in that chair. Not the most affectionate of companions though. She hisses a lot.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – She?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – I think so. Not that I’m an expert. I quite like her.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – So what have you named her? You’ve definitely named her.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Um. ‘Margot’.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – ‘Margot’? Pffff…

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Would you like to make your own way back to Neville Horizons?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Ok, ok. Seriously though. You went looking for aliens and came back with a cat.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – I found something, all right. There’s a shower back there – why don’t you clean yourself up, I’ll make you a coffee. Then I’ll tell you all about it.



[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – This cat’s still in my seat.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Have you thought about the fact that whenever this happens you send me one of your coded messages?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Not every time.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Every. Bloody. Time.  What will you do if I don’t happen to be nearby next time this happens?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Spend my last breath cursing your incurable wanderlust?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Exactly.  At some point you’re going to have to trust someone else to save your arse.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Trust isn’t really a big thing with me Sou, you know that.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – All right, Action Man. Well, it’s trust or die when you’ve blown up your giant flying casino and you’re floating in deep space in a man-sized condom. You’re familiar with Arissa Lavigny-Duval?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – The new Emperor, yeah. Unsurprisingly I might have heard of her.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Did you happen to notice that you two have something in common?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – We both rule half of populated space?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – You both take killing pirates quite seriously.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – You getting somewhere near a point up there?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – She’s looking for privateers like you to work for her.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Why would I want to do that?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Here’s a few reasons: to work with like-minded individuals, to make a difference by being part of something bigger than yourself, to make friends who hopefully won’t dislike you too much to save your hide next time you blow up another shiny crotch rocket…

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Yeah, that sounds like just the kinda thing I’d go for.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – How about this? She pays a high premium on bounties to those that work for her.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Hmmm. Interesting.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Thought that would get your attention.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Ok. I’ll think about it.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – That’s all I ask.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – I do have some things to take care of around here first though.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – … You’re going to do something violent, aren’t you?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – What makes you say that?

[Cmdr Souvarine] – I can feel it in my waters. I can scent it on the wind. Call me a psychic.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Well, someone blew up my ship – which is bad enough – but I was in it at the time, which I admit has irritated me a little.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – What are you going to do?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – Find where Marcus Xavier operates…

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Ooh, let me guess the rest… and kill him?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – You know me so well.  Wanna help? I could probably use someone who can ask questions without breaking fingers.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Will you let me try that before you start on the fingers? People tend to be much more garrulous with a full set of appendages, I find.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex] – No promises.

[Cmdr Souvarine] – Great. Super. What fun.



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