First log since leaving Federal space. 

There’s only so long I can accompany Vex on one of his ridiculous vendettas. The whole thing is acutely embarrassing – the last thing I need is association with a lunatic wanted for murder. Then again, if I didn’t at least try to couch him from the excessive side of his nature, it would be a bloodbath – and he’d be dead too. 

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there’s something unnerving about watching him casually maim people. His eyes don’t change at all – it’s like he doesn’t even register that what he’s doing is out of the ordinary in any way. The same expression he wears when he’s pouring a drink, or explaining the finer points of optimal thruster mass. Terrifying. It reminds me of those pictures of smiling zoo keepers posing with giant wild animals – all smiles now, the animals seem to say, but we both know I could disembowel you before you’ve had time to lower the camera. 

He’s gone to lie in wait for that pirate. At least out skulking in an asteroid field he can’t get arrested quite so easily. I’m glad to be away, myself – since that yeehaa Hudson moved his fleet into Kaushpoos the whole place has been a slightly more uncomfortable place to be. Fed squares in their dull uniforms everywhere. I keep getting the feeling I’m being watched – it gives me itchy feet. 

Watched by the Feds. Threatened by the Empire. If I hadn’t spent several years smuggling narcotics into their space, I’d head for the Alliance. 


As it is I’ve set a course for Shapley 1. Little-known gem, this – a tiny self-contained nebula containing two stars on a loose binary orbit. The dust cloud is a giant purple doughnut ringing the pair of stars. I’ve wanted to see it for years, and heading out here gives me space to think. 


So much for staying under the radar. The Emperor’s agent knew everything. I’m damned if I’m going to be an Empire lackey, like those cretins at the Academy. What the hell do they want from me anyway? It’s basically entrapment. 

It’s not only the Feds they want me to spy on, either. It’s other groups within the Empire too. Do they know how dangerous it would be to try to intercept one of Patreus’ couriers, for example? Well, of course they do – that’s why they’re twisting my arm to do it. Disownable, deniable and dispensable, that’s what I am. 

Lavigny-Duval must be pretty nervous if she needs to pay freelancers to check up on other Senators. That’s politics for you I suppose. 


She does pay vigilantes well though. I was up-front with Vex about that, at least. Keeping her spaceways clean would be lucrative. And the Banshee is in storage in BV Phoenicis…

The chap was right – we’re living in scary days now. The way he shrugged and said they had no clue what the UAs were scared me. Hudson is the most militaristic president the Federation’s had for years – at the rate he’s expanding his party’s territory, anything could happen. 

I could just sod off for a few months, keep my nose clean. Seems a dull option though. Besides, espionage for the Emperor might be fun. 

Sod it. Why not? 



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