I waited in the asteroid field for days.  Everything apart from the life support and the sensors powered down, canopy frosted up, occasionally powering up the engines to shift course and stay in the dark side of the asteroid.  With the new black paint job on the ‘Revenge’ I was as invisible as it’s possible to be.

EliteDangerous32 2015-11-23 21-30-28.png

The problem I had was this: Xavier knew I was looking for him.  The disadvantage of asking questions the way I do is that it lacks subtlety.  Every time I dropped into one of his haunts he’d clock me and high wake, without ever firing a shot.    Coward.

I needed another approach. I needed him to come to me.

With the final components shipped for the Pleiades station the traffic in Kaushpoos dried up quickly.  No more easy prey out on the space lanes.  However, the mining sites in the Kaushpoos 3 planetary rings were still an excellent source of victims, as miners were still busily working there.  Xavier knew this, and I knew that he knew.  He also knew, that I knew, that he knew… or whatever – but he still had to eat, and so after a few days of not seeing me he came back to his favourite fishing hole.

I clocked him as he entered the field but waited until he got further in.  I hoped the with the asteroids mass locking his frame shift drive I’d be able to jump him and take him out before he could get clear…

It didn’t work out that way.

He spotted me on his HUD far earlier than I expected, so I powered up to give chase.  Instead of turning to flee, however, he flew straight past me and headed deeper into the field, trying lose me and then high wake once he was clear of the asteroids.

EliteDangerous32 2015-11-17 22-30-58

This would have been a grand strategy against anything that wasn’t a Fer-De-Lance.  Instead I flipped the ‘Revenge’ with the lateral thrusters, a nasty trick to be able to pull in a ship this big, and headed after him.

EliteDangerous32 2015-11-17 22-30-03

Realising his gambit hadn’t paid off and that he now had no choice but to turn and fight he hurled some half-hearted abuse at me over the comms and deployed hard points.

EliteDangerous32 2015-11-17 22-31-37

I wish it had been an epic battle; that it lasted for days, and that songs would be written about it.

It was short and violent.

EliteDangerous32 2015-11-17 22-31-40

And I won.

EliteDangerous32 2015-11-17 22-33-02

I disabled his drives, his power plant and his FSD.  While he hung there, crippled,  I carefully blew out his canopy.  And then I left him there, hanging in space, hoping for salvation, with an ever depleting O2 supply.  Just like he left me.

With that done I returned to Neville Horizons to oversee the final fit of my new Python, the Vindicta.  And to ponder where I’ll go next.



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