Imperial Private Expeditionary Company private missive – property of IPEC

If you are not the intended recipient of this message, possession of it will incur criminal charges under Imperial law.


Date: December 21st, the year of our Emperor 3301
From: Viceroy Lucas Andinos, Regional Operations Overseer, Candecama system
To: [redacted]
Subject: Asset PHS1

Your Grace

Efforts to sow the seeds of economic instability in the systems of our primary adversary continue with the use of privateer operators. One such that shows great promise has been identified.

Code PHS1 is a reluctant asset and as such has required delicate handling. Primary psychometrics indicate a strong inadequacy complex coupled with filial guilt, a symptom of the individual’s father having been a Navy man of some repute. These have proven effective levers as, left to his own devices, the individual reverts to a behaviour pattern characterised by low-level criminal activity and evasion of Imperial justice.

He is a member of the Pilot’s Federation and has in the past worked with us as a courier of some discretion, but proved an unreliable asset as a free agent. Our approach in securing his services has been more coercive this time, involving the use of carefully placed leverage. The asset was charged with intercepting and destroying Federal agents – an activity he was ill-suited to, and has therefore acquired a non-negligible bounty in the jurisdictions of our primary adversary. This has helpfully pushed him back into our arms, and Imperial cooperation has since proven a more attractive prospect.

Now that his cooperation is assured, step two involves employing the asset in an activity in which he excels to further our goals. He has been encouraged to take ‘time off’ in light of his recently-acquired criminal record, and we are confident that he will visit the Maia system in the Pleiades Nebula. He showed great interest in the construction of the new station there.

We’ve arranged for our proxy at that station to offer him jobs smuggling slaves, weapons and narcotics into enemy settlements of our choosing. He is highly effective in tasks of this kind, having caused not-inconsiderable amounts of disruption to our own markets in the past. He will accept if led to believe that the work is unrelated to IPEC and will also then pose no security risk, should he be apprehended by local Federal enforcement. We are confident that he will contribute significantly to our efforts to destabilise those economies along our frontier.

There is another member of the Pilots Federation associated with PHS1 whom we also employed to intercept agents affiliated with our primary antagonist. Temporarily assigned the identifier DV12, in the absence of background information, he is a formidable combat pilot – ranked Dangerous – and actually proved very effective at the data-interception task. We have little information on this potential asset beyond an extensive criminal history of assault and battery. Primary psychometrics suggest an uncompromising moral code and an aversion to hierarchical structure. It is unknown at present whether we may be able to utilise this asset in a more meaningful capacity in the future, and he has expressed interest only in involvements of a transactional nature to date.

I remain, your Grace, your most vigilant servant.




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