Imperial Private Expeditionary Company private missive – property of IPEC

If you are not the intended recipient of this message, possession of it will incur criminal charges under Imperial law.

Date: February 1st, the year of our Emperor 3302
From: Viceroy Lucas Andinos, Regional Operations Overseer, Candecama system
To: [redacted]
Subject: Dangerous characters


Your Grace,

Firstly, I must apologise for the lapse that occurred with PHS1. We were assured that our associates in Maia took every precaution and I myself was satisfied that due diligence had been observed. A mistake like that will not be repeated. 

My conscience compels me to caution you as to the meeting you’ve granted, however. I understand that you are acquainted with this man, but your safety is paramount and nothing we’ve seen from his record assures me that the move will be free from reasonable risk. 

I hope you do not deem me to speak out of turn. 

We’ve run the usual lines of enquiry used for background checks on the two new subjects reported associating with PHS1 and DV12. I must inform you that we ran into dead ends for one of the subjects in particular. I attach my findings. 

PHS1 has kept a little-used apartment and hangar here at Horrocks Gateway in Candecama for some years. DV12 is registered to an address at Whelan Ring, the local agricultural hub. Both have benefited from the Imperial Fleet’s presence here, in performing ancillary support and discreet reconnaissance work on occasion. 

DV12 is somewhat more nomadic, however, and is known to also keep an address at Kube-McDowell City in Opila as well. Our searches have uncovered somewhat more about this individual, most of which gives me concern. There is anecdotal evidence of his displaying extreme cruelty in revenge killings. He was at some point in the employ – and possibly ownership – of a wealthy Imperial trader, who was killed by pirates some twelve years ago. There is some evidence that DV12 systematically and in cold blood hunted down those responsible and killed them in cruel and unusual ways. An individual at ease with this manner of extreme violence, and the ability to compartmentalise high emotion to doggedly pursue a goal, could have great usefulness. I also suspect that, knowing Your Grace as I do, that you will already have come to the same conclusion. I urge caution. 

The two individuals seen with them in recent weeks give me great interest. Potential asset RK4 (full identifiers attached) was, until recently, a highly ranked non-commissioned officer in the Imperial Navy. His record was easily accessible and impressive. He appears to be an acquaintance of DV12, and has been staying with him at Whelan Ring. Of particular note was a high frequency of visits to Kamadhenu. Ostensibly, this was to haul garrison supplies for the Imperial Fleet. We suspect, though, given his record in military strategy and the timing of these visits, that he may have links to Imperial High Command. This needs verification. But, if correct, could be of great pertinence. 

The last of the four is the most mysterious. We’ve found no residential records, no past property sale deeds, no ship registration records, no criminal record and no employment history. To speak plainly, Your Grace, the man is a ghost. All we have is his Pilot’s Federation license, which appears to be legitimate, but lists his name as ‘Al-Pocalypse’ – clearly a pseudonym. 

Sources here in the Candecama system say that he has frequently been seen in licensed premises in both Horrocks Gateway and Whelan Ring. He appears to be mentally unstable and of an addictive personality. Primary psychometrics have presented us with challenges, however, in that the observed behaviour doesn’t correlate predictably to this archetype. In combat situations he displays incongruous lucidity and effective – though unorthodox – flying technique. I must admit that on a personal note, Your Grace, this individual has presented the most intriguing case study of recent years. 

The four individuals have been engaged in predictable freelance behaviour since coalescing, mainly in bounty hunting in combat-equipped craft. Candecama has, somewhat regrettably, a developed criminal element and there is a market here for men of their skills. 

They are an effective team. I grudgingly admit that further engagement could prove advantageous, though I urge continued caution. 

On a broader note, I must report continued rumblings amongst the population of Candecama regarding the likelihood of the Fleet’s withdrawal. It is no secret that a system out here on the fringes of Imperial influence is likely to be the first to suffer should the Emperor’s resources become thinly stretched, and it is commonly understood that this is the case. 

I hope the attached is sufficient information. I remain, Your Grace, your most faithful servant. 




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