First log of the trip. Just a quick one before I power down and get some sleep. I’m on a boring pink rock about twelve hundred light years from Seedysticks, at the end of day one.

IPEC want information on the aliens – specifically, whether they’re confined to the Pleiades. If I can find evidence of Thargoid activity – or perhaps even clues as to their ammonia homeworld – it may give us a better idea of where they’re coming from, and how spread out they are.

I made some tweaks to the Vortigaunt for the trip. Mass is a killer when it comes to jump range, so I sold everything not nailed down – and some stuff that was. I found a chop shop near my hangar, run by a man who called himself Voracious Dave. He chewed some kind of foul-smelling narcotic incessantly and seemed to prefix everything he said with a sort of sneering, nasal whine. It was the kind of noise which was quaint upon first meeting him but became ferociously irritating in seconds.

“Ehhhh. Beam lasers? I love beam lasers!”

He bought all my guns, and advised me to replace the power plant with an A-grade smaller model, which would both be lighter and generate less heat. Mildly mad and acutely annoying though he was, he seemed to know his stuff.

Back inside the ship I found Margot asleep on my bunk. When she noticed me she stretched, yawning.

What to do? If my canopy blew out out there there, I was the only one with a flight suit. Then again, she’d been in worse.

“Sod it, cat. You’re on borrowed time anyway. You might as well come.”

I sat in the pilot’s chair and turned to the systems console. Time to switch off as much of the internal systems as I could. Auto field maintenance unit, planetary vehicle hangar, cargo hatch, most of my heat sinks… They can all go offline until I need them. The cooler I run the better, when I’ll be surviving by surfing the corosphere of stars for the next few weeks.

I charted a preliminary course for a large, bright blue-white star around a thousand light years core-ward, and blasted off.


Populated space began to thin as I approached the frontier. Great spinning cities were gradually replaced with tiny outposts, mining communities and pirates’ dens. My sensors picked up fewer and fewer law enforcement vessels. After a while, they disappeared completely. When I passed the frontier I switched off the shield generator, too. That wouldn’t be much use for the most part now that I was alone in space. 

An old friend of mine once told me a story about an outpost he’d been to on the frontier, called Titov Dock. Funnily enough, I can’t for the life of me remember how it went.

After thirty jumps or so I arrived at the star I’d plotted a course to. It was about fifteen solar masses, so stood out as a waypoint.


My eyes feeling heavy, I picked out a rocky planet in close orbit and cruised down to the surface. I could touch down here and get a few hours’ sleep.

Looks like I’m not the first traveller to set down here.


Not sure what kind of omen it is, but this chap didn’t get too far.

Souvarine out.




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