Souvarine checking in. Weary. Eager to get home now.

From the roof of the galaxy I plotted a course for a well-known galactic landmark – the Great Annihilator. This is a massive black hole, probably the second largest in the galaxy, and from my perch far above it was three thousand light years down. 

I reached it a couple of days later without incident. It turns out there are two black holes there, in a loose orbit – the second a fraction of the Great Annihilator’s size and over a hundred thousand light seconds from it.

From there we headed down. Further down. As far down as we could go, in fact. Down to two thousand, seven hundred light years below the galactic plane.

On the way, we stumbled across these.


Who would have thought it? Two Earth-like worlds in a binary orbit, both with nearly thirty percent oxygen in their atmospheres, and gravity a buoyant seventy percent of Earth’s. They were nearly identical, and never before seen by human eyes. Truly astounding. One day, when I’m better equipped for atmospheric flight, I’ll return there.

When we had reached the lowest point we could, I opened my astrogation console and began to work out a route home. I decided to stay as far below the galactic plane as I could.

Screenshot_0006 (2)

Within days, I had to adjust course and rise a thousand light years or so. Lateral navigation is possible at that depth in the core of the galaxy, but when you get outside that it becomes increasingly difficult, as the distance between stars increases with every jump.

Now, I’m wearily starjumping my way back at a depth of nine hundred light years. Civilisation beckons – I would mud wrestle my own mother for just a piece of fresh fruit at this point. Anything that doesn’t come out of a silver packet, in fact.

Give me humanity! Give me pretty girls, oranges and mindless consumerism!

Souvarine out. Eyes on the prize.



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