I’ve always had a bit of a love affair with the Faulcon de Lacey Python class ships.  True they aren’t the fastest, or the biggest, or the strongest, or the most maneuverable ships.

But it is a solid 8/10 in every field.

If flown right and kitted correctly it can turn it’s hand to anything.  It’s the flying equivalent of a good suit.  You’re never under dressed if you turn up in one.

I was rather upset when the last one was destroyed.  I did some things that Sou probably wished I hadn’t.  But I felt I had to  make a point.

I had the “Domus Alba” for a long time, and I had grown quite attached to her.  I’d never realised her full potential though.  A full rig for a Python is vastly expensive, with an A grade power plant costing as much as the basic ship hull. Military grade composites, that’ll be the same again. And that’s just the basics.

So when I bought the Vindicta with the money is earned assisting with the construction of Obsidian Orbital I decided this time would be different. This time there would be no half measures, this time I would do the job properly.


Some of this was easy to find. Carey, who runs the outfitter at Newcombe Hub in Kamito, really helped.  Good class thrusters and a suitably large shield generator were easy to locate.  However the 30MW power plant was a challenge.  It took weeks, even with Careys contacts.

All that time the other components were coming together. The weapons were fun.  It took several dry runs to work out what the optimal load out would be.

At first we tried mounting all pulse lasers, 3 large and 2 medium. Very effective but to get the most you had to keep the nose pointed at the target constantly, not easy against small ships.

2 large pulse turrets, 2 medium canon’s and and large beam? Better at dealing with small targets but the turrets can’t hit shit if it’s suspended in front of the muzzle and the amount they miss was distressing to say the least.

The winner. 2 large beams on the topside, backed up by 2 medium multi canon’s. And under the nose? Why, a large plasma accelerator. I love plasma accelerators.

We did also try a trio of beam lasers (2 medium and a large) with 2 regular canon’s on the top, which was an admirable arrangement but didn’t contain quite enough plasma for my personal tastes.

The final load packs a considerable punch against the big slow bastards, and against small aggressors it can scream so much hot bloody hate at them in such a short time it doesn’t matter that the nose doesn’t point at them for very long.

All of these tests had to be done in a light rig, with a lot of critical systems left at dock or disabled.  It wasn’t until the plant arrived we could finally start putting it together.  Oh but once we did, I fell in love al over again.

The purpose of the Vindicta is that she can go most places and do most things.  She’s got a top grade interdictor so she can yank and gank unwanted interlopers.  She’s got a nice big scoop so she can travel a long way to find those interlopers. Put all of that together with a shield bank to recharge the shields and a tons of hull re enforcements and you have an absolute tank.  And to top it all off she can still carry well over 100 tons of cargo.

All of this has become more important in the last 4 weeks.  With the fall of candecama from imperial grace myself, Sou, Ronnie and Al have had to up sticks and leg it from local systems.  All of a sudden known agents of Emperor Frowny Face became incredibly unpopular there and with millions of credits of ships sitting hangers there we decided that discretion would be the better part of valour.  For a month now we’ve been cooling our heels (literally) on an ice moon in an uncharted system with a designator so long and boring I can’t bring myself to write it.

Lucky then that the final touch on the Vindicta was the living quarters.  While many ships have space for crew and a rec room the Vindicta is fitted with a fully functional zeroG bar, gym and humidor.  The kitchen, while not large, is well equipped and the whole thing is finished in a dark rosewood.  So at least while I’m a vagabond living on an out of the way ice moon I don’t have to live like a hobo.

The others mock me of course but guess where they can be found when we’re all in the same place.

Well all except Sou.  The idea of sitting still has never suited my old friend so after 2 days playing cards and drinking my booze Sou announced that he was going for “a little trip” and buggered off to SAG A* to look at the centre of the galaxy.  Why?  I have no idea, but it seemed important to him and he was clearly going stir crazy.  I gave my standard advice of “if you see aliens, run” and wished him safe travels.

That was over a month ago.  We haven’t heard from him in that time.

I hope he’s OK.



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