Dear Commander Kane, 

The Emperor thanks you again for your continued effort, and for your invaluable counsel. You are proving an outstanding addition to our panel of tactical military advisors. 

We agree that continued discretion is advisable, particularly with regard to your own safety. It is better that our enemies not know the roles we play. 

This is the current state of affairs. 

About two months ago the Emperor was presented with a golden opportunity. For a long time High Command has been in a dilemma, whereby our enemies could force us into turmoil whenever they wanted; due to the fact that, without any fortification, we were running a permanent deficit in our supply lines. The opportunity came when Hudson and the Shadow President made the mistake of both undermining our supply at the same time. 

Command got wind of this through back channel communications in our enemies’ command structure and was able to plan accordingly. They took advantage of our covert arrangement with Sirius Corp, and struck a deal with Li-Yong Rui, whereby his security force would target and destroy our shipping in those systems who supported us in name only. This included a few systems on the outskirts of Her Imperial Majesty’s space where supply lines were stretched so thin that keeping them in the imperial fold was of no strategic or economic benefit.
By the time Imperial High Command’s plan became obvious to our enemies there was nothing they could do about it. After two weeks we had shed half our economic deficit, most notable in the Candecama region of space on the Federal frontier. Two weeks later IHC managed the same trick again, this time losing four more systems in the Nueva Hispana region of space. For the first time in a long time we were running a surplus of supplies and took the opportunity to expand in five new systems. However, we weren’t to have it all our way.

Terrified of the gains we were making, and worried by Hudson’s expansion in his space, Edmund Mahon forged a temporary and uneasy alliance with Archon Delain, specifically designed to throw both of his main rivals into turmoil. After a week of hard fighting on no less than 10 fronts (five of our own expansions, five weaponised expansions of our enemies) we were forced to retreat from all but three of our proposed expansions. At the same time, poor prioritisation of our fortification efforts meant we lost three well-populated systems.

Since then however the Emperors support has shown a steady upward trend. With better communication within her auxiliary and covert operatives she has been able to advance in key areas and has continued to improve her standing within the other galactic powers. This week we are once again trying for a double whammy of simultaneously shedding two deficit-causing systems, while gaining three strong systems on the frontier of Federation space. We are taking the fight to the corrupt Federal institutions and with the help of our allies, and other imperial powers, we are in a position to make great gains.

Most importantly, we are now masters of our own destiny. Forcing us into turmoil and deficit now requires the concerted effort of multiple powers.

The lesson from this is that we are strongest when we act in concert; both with our allies, and with strategic assets within our own ranks. We’ve considered the offer made to you by this Imperial Private Expeditionary Company. The outfit is not entirely unknown to High Command – they have provided discrete services to several Senators – and we agree that there is value in maintaining an ‘off the books’ relationship with an organisation of that nature. You should accept their offer. 

In your role as liaison officer you will of course remain deniable to High Command – as, no doubt, you will be to the Octopus. When the time comes, we will let you know. 

Please pass on our regards. We wish her well – from afar. 


Arissa Ivicta


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