10.04.3302: TRAFFIC REPORT



Please note that we have had increasing incidents of reckless piloting and joy-flying of Cobra MkIIIs within the station docking area. This will not be tolerated and any further incidents will be dealt with utilising extreme force. The two following incidents involve vessels registered to recent migrants to the system, associated with the Imperial Private Expeditionary Company. The pilots in question will be contacted individually.

The first incident concerns an impatient Cobra pilot, apparently too important to fly under the 100m/s limit and wait his turn utilising the letterbox. The ship bore a distinctive ‘stars and stripes’ livery. He was clocked at well over 400m/s and can be seen on the footage narrowly skirting between a fully loaded Type 9 and the edge of the opening. We needed say any more of the dangers of such a manouevre, not just to the idiot Cobra pilot, but also to the innocent commander in the Type 9 and any other ships in the vicinity who would not be expecting a ship to emerge from the letterbox under full boost.

The second incident left us feeling even more incredulous. Yet another Cobra mkIII, this time on its way in to dock. The docking area was very busy and several large cargo ships were all patiently making their way to designated pads when a thoughtless commander seemingly decided to weave around and between them on his way to a pad. Not only did this put those in the docking bay at risk, but one of the Type 9s was carrying a large amount of plutonium for the station’s power generations. What would happen following a collision doesn’t bear thinking about. We received this comment from one of the innocent haulage pilots, Ronnie Kane:

“I was trying to dock my fully loaded and extremely heavy Type 9, when out of nowhere this [expletive deleted] idiot in a cobra cuts up behind my engines, grazes my shields and then down, straight passed my cockpit! What kind of [expletive deleted] thinks this is a safe way to fly in a docking bay?”

When it was pointed out to him that the pilot in question was one of his squad-mates, Ronnie went on to say “I’m not surprised, my previous statement about that [expletive deleted] still stands.”

There have also been numerous complaints from planetary outposts of “pancake” landing Cobras on or near the pads. You are reminded that planets have gravity! Please be extra careful when landing as a large amount of damage can be done to the landing pads and surrounding building when approached too hard. We also remind you that any pilots damaging goods during such landings will be charged at the market rate.

Fly safe, Commanders.


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