This is Vanessa Truillo of the CD-63 201 Evening Express, and I’m reporting to you live from the civil war here in our system. As I’m sure you’re all aware, the Imperial Private Expeditionary Company is waging all out war against the CD-63 201 Empire Pact, and we’ve positioned our Saud Kruger Orca right here on the front lines so we can give you first hand updates at this war unfolds.

As you all know, IPEC came out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago as a fully formed Imperial corporation and have set about what can only be described as a hostile takeover of the already well-known Empire Pact. At the moment IPEC are attempting to claim Szentmartony City for themselves, thus giving them a base of operations within this system.

Oh, and it looks like a new wing of ships has just arrived in the fray and declared themselves for IPEC. Let’s cut to our military advisor, Matthew Halgarth – Matthew, what can you see here?

Thank you Vanessa. Well it looks like three Commanders have just dropped in. IFF shows their ID’s as Souverine, Ronnie Kane and – I can’t be reading this right – Al-Pocalypse.
No, it appears I am reading that correctly. How subtle!

Well, they certainly seem to know what they are doing. Commander Kane is flying his Cutter like he’s had military training; no flight assist – very tricky in a melee like this, particularly since it is essentially flying geography. Souvarine appears to be flying a Federal Assault Ship; basically a brick with huge engines, that, but deadly in the right hands, if rather ugly. And Al-Pocalypse seems to be flying a Vulture. Don’t let its size fool you, that’s a mean little ship and its pilot appears to have no concern for his or anyone else’s safety. I bet the other two are glad he’s on their side, even if it’s only a little.

EliteDangerous64 2016-04-23 16-13-03

Ah, it looks like they’ve been identified as a threat and a pair of Pact Wings led by two Cutters of their own have decided to deal with them. And now it looks like another pair of Vultures are going to join in too. This happens sometimes in these sort of close conflicts, everybody suddenly decides that a particular pilot or group is the biggest threat in the area. If you are unlucky enough to be in that position things can get very awkward very fast. It looks like those IPEC Commanders are in for a rough time. Back to you Vanessa.

Thanks you Matthew, well as you can see…

…I’m sorry, I’m going to have to interrupt you there, Vanessa, because a new entrant – a Python, designation ‘Vindicta’ – has just dropped in and is hailing the IPEC boys; call sign Dexter Vex – sounds like a kitchen cleaner. Anyway, we’re going to patch into their comms and take a listen. Now I should warn our listeners that these are seasoned combat pilots, so their language is likely to be colourful – those with small children should cover their ears.


[Cmdr Souvarine]: Well if it isn’t the meatiest feast of them all. Dexter, how the hell are you?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex]: Hi Sou, how are you?

[Cmdr Souvarine]: I’m just terribly good. Having a really lovely time.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex]: Yes, I saw that. Would you like some help there?

[Cmdr Souvarine]: Well, I don’t know. We don’t accept just anyone here. I think I’ll need a reference.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex]: Oh for fu…. FINE. Ronnie, will you please give me a reference.

[Cmdr Ronnie Kane]: Sure Vex. Souvarine, I can vouch for him.

[Cmdr Souvarine]: Does he have any prior experience?

[Cmdr Dexter Vex]: Funny.

[Cmdr Ronnie Kane]: To my knowledge, at least twenty years of kicking in the teeth of anyone who so much as looks at him funny.

[Cmdr Souvarine]: Well, if I was still recruiting for my puppy cuddling club you’d be bang out of luck. However, that sounds an admirable qualification in the current situation. What do you reckon, Al?

[Cmdr Al-Pocalypse]: He bought me a drink a while back, he’s good in my books

[Cmdr Souvarine]: Very well, Vex – welcome to IPEC.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex]: Thanks, I guess.

[Cmdr Ronnie Kane]: Al, you’ve got those two Vultures behind you, and I do declare they are intent upon mischief.

[Cmdr Al-Pocalypse]: Really? Sorry, my radar is kinda blurry right now, it’s not been the same since the last spillage. Yeah, good call, I think we should show them a good time.

[Cmdr Dexter Vex]: Why not? You take one I’ll take the other.


EliteDangerous64 2016-04-23 16-13-28

Well, that was not what I expected, but it looks like the IPEC boys are going to turn this around for the moment. Sorry for the interruption Vanessa, back to you.

Thank you Matthew. Well as you can see, things are getting very interesting here in… What? What do you mean, we’re not broadcasting? Who the fuck is the Octopus? Well why the fuck is she interested in whether we use their real names? Get her on the comms right now! Tell her I want a meeting.

And someone stop the bloody recording.



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