Now this IPEC malarcky is all getting rather exciting – I’ve just been in a war, an actual war! There were ships and explosions and everything. Well, ok, I know every day there are ships and explosions and everything, space seems to be alarmingly full of that sort of thing. However, this time it was far more concentrated and I hardly had time to drink in between!

It all started when Submarine…

“Trigger, I’ve told you more than I aught, that my name is Souvarine. Won’t you please record your log later, we’re having our celebratory drink here. Yes I know to you the bar feels like a second office, but for some of us it’s a location for celebration.”

“Oops, sorry. I won’t be long, I just don’t want to forget too many details.”

“Have you ever re-read your log? The only details you seem to remember are what you drank that day.”

“Leave him to it, Vex and I have a bet on as to whether he’ll fall over before or after he finishes this log post.”

“You know I’m right, Ronnie, he’ll be sleeping like a log any minute now. Those credits are as good as mine.”

Anyhow, where was I? Yes, Submarine…


… Informed us that, due to all our hard work, IPEC was being increasingly well regarded in the local opinion polls and this had perturbed some people called Empire Pack. Therefore, they were being ghastly and declared a civil war on us, which I didn’t think of as very civil.

Anyhow, I had recently earned enough credits to purchase a new ship, my nice shiny new Vulture that I thought looked like a Nasty Spiky Thing, and it seems to act like one too when you put guns on it. I was tentative at first because there is barely enough room for a wine chiller on it, but needs must sometimes.

“That’s drink mentioned yet again. You owe me another hundred credits Ronnie!”

However, this seemed like the ideal ship for a war. Especially with what the lady who claims to be an octopus (this galaxy has all sorts in it) sent us a message that morning telling us how much this mattered.

“At least it’s not just my name he forgets. We should use him as a poster boy for the dangers of alcohol.”

So I turned up to where the war was going on. Sub was already there, and there was a vast, very shiny ship also around. Which turned out to be Konnie…

“How has he still…”


In her brand new ship that had been gifted to her for helping out, very nice I thought too. So we got to business. It was tough going, there were a lot of Pack ships there. When, suddenly, Dex reappeared! I have no idea where he’s got to these last few months, but he turned up back in the nick of time!

Well, with the four of us, it was much easier going. And now here we are, celebrating a glorious win.

“Well done Al, once again you manage to waffle on about nothing and miss the main point of the story.”



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