FROM: server signature not detected

TO: codename: OCTOPUS

DATE: 17th May 3302

I write for the attention of the woman known to some as ‘the Octopus’.

Firstly, I wish to reassure you. Your war will end in two days.

Secondly, I must congratulate you. Although you may not know it, you have pitted yourself against a force far stronger than you realised… And you have won.

Our plan was for the Empire Pact to become the dominant force in this star system. TravSol have been in decline; this was our doing. Trabe has been our proxy. His Empire Pact was to replace TravSol as the government of these worlds, as part of our ongoing efforts to silently promote government by Patrons rather than democracies, dictatorships or corporations, as is Imperial tradition.

Only one impediment to our plan arose… your Imperial Private Expeditionary Company.

We opposed you. We orchestrated the Laming Horizons ceasefire; when that didn’t work, we funded and supported the Empire Pact’s war effort.

However, it has become apparent that we ‘backed the wrong horse’, as they say. It is now our role to prop up regimes which have become unsustainable, and nor is it in our interests to engage directly in protracted war. That is not our way. We do, however, place great import on the building of allegiances.

The Pact’s time is over – you have proven this. The question on our lips, Your Grace, is: has your time come?

That is up to you to demonstrate. In the meantime I can promise you three things.

You will win your war the day after tomorrow. The two greatest TravSol-controlled cities, Dashiell Orbital and Bernoulli Gateway, will call a vote of no confidence in their governments. You will win both of these decisively, and thus become the controlling faction in CD-63 201 no later than the 3rd June.

We will take a starport from TravSol for the Empire Pact. Their remaining territory is to be left untouched, for if it transpires that you are not yet ready for your day to dawn, we need assurances that we can swiftly install a government that would be to the Emperor’s pleasure.

Your war will end soon. The Chapterhouse of Inquisition congratulates you on your victory and wishes you well.






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