Article from the CD-63 201 Evening Express


In the latest of the series of remarkable events in our system these last few weeks, the Imperial Private Expeditionary Company have swept to victory at the Bernoulli Gateway local elections.

The results are now in with every ballot box counted. IPEC’s resounding victory became apparent in the early hours of this morning.

Only recently embroiled in a bitter civil war with the troubled Empire Pact, IPEC’s rise has been stratospheric and has baffled our political analysts.

“It’s unheard of,” remarked Claude Vautrin, Professor of Political Economics at the Dashiell School of Governance. “The galaxy as a wider whole is no stranger to corporate government – the practise has been normalised by the Federation for generations. But it’s much rarer in our Empire and tends to exist only in the form of corporate dynasties, like TravSol.”

“The Imperial Private Expeditionary Company is led by a political outsider, if rumours are to be believed,” he added. “It seems meritocracy is not dead in today’s Empire.”

Professor Vautrin’s comments come only days after the citizens of Dashiell Orbital, long the seat of TravSol’s Pavey dynasty, voted decisively to install IPEC as their civic government. IPEC’s newly-appointed Vice President of CD-63 201, Ali Serrano, had this to say:

“My new office here at Dashiell was created by the Board to provide much-needed visibility and direction to our citizens. IPEC have proven ourselves expert at the government of business – citizens will now see that we excel equally at the business of government.”

Mr Serrano could not be pressed for comment on the recent military takeover of the industrial hub Szentmartony City last month. After the tide of the struggle with the Empire Pact inexplicably turned and IPEC’s mercenary fleet claimed the starport, no votes were counted amongst that station’s forges and foundries.

“We’re happy about it,” said Olivia Martoush, a gastroprogrammer at the Szentmartony Grill. “The Pact barely held order in this place. I’ve felt safer since the war ended.

When pressed for further comment, Ms Martoush had this to say:

“Well, you and I know what really happened, of course. Tricky war, going nowhere, then all of a sudden – bam, victory, followed by elections in the two biggest starports, and the outsiders in control of the system. Only one force in this galaxy’s capable of that – the Chapterhouse of Inquisition.”

Whilst this newspaper doesn’t condone conspiracy theories, it is nevertheless easy to believe that luck is on the side of our star system’s new masters, the Imperial Private Expeditionary Company.

Reported by Maeve LeMessurier, CD-63 201 Evening Express


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