Well.  This may turn out to be harder than I thought.

My first few days as a badass independent pilot have been…challenging; and that’s putting it mildly.

Nobody near home would offer me work – too many of them know the Shrew and are scared of what she’ll do when she finds I’m gone. Personally I’m more worried about the fact that I cannibalised her flying status symbol to do it, but then I guess I’m the only person who knows that at the moment.

Either way I had at least two good reasons to put a bit of distance between myself and the Shrew. I still had about 1000cr to my name so I installed a fuel scoop in Lucky and threw everything not directly important for making the ship fly out of the cargo ramp.


Now capable of a dizzying 9.8ly jump the Lucky Break took me on the most exciting – and uncomfortable – journey of my life. 40 stars that I’ve never seen before, 40 new solar systems full of things which I glanced at ever so briefly – one day I’ll have to go back and explore them more fully. Utterly incredible!

Good god though I need to do something about the power plant. It’s a very low grade model and it overheats very easily. Not normally a problem, but when you’re scooping hydrogen from active stars you really notice it. Turns out the rumours are true – stars are fucking hot! By the time I hit my 4th scoop of the trip I was cursing the guy in the shop who’d told me the flight suit as made of “the latest breathable fabrics”. The fuck it is! If ever meet the lying bastard again I’m gonna kick him in the nuts.

That’s not going to be for a long time though, because I arrived two days ago at Beagle 2 in Asellus Primus; in desperate need of a shower, a sleep, some food, a drink and some intimate company – in no particular order.

Having taken care of the three most pressing (if least entertaining) options on that list I started running through the contacts on the missions board. There’s not a lot of choice if you’re ranked at the bottom of the pile, but I did manage to find a salvage mission – go to Dahan and find a wreck of a ship on one of the planets there.


Apparently it was carrying some sensitive cargo that they wanted back. I have no idea what it was because after an hour or more searching the site in my SRV I could find no trace of the cargo they wanted. Frustrating isn’t the word, I guess someone else must have beaten me to the punch. However they had left the ship’s data core behind so I scooped that up and headed back to Lucky. I’ll bet the local government here will pay to find out why a ship from a neighbouring systems was carrying illicit cargo through their space.



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