So things are starting to look up. The local security office at Dahan Gateway were very pleased to see the data I’d brought with me, and they showed their gratitude with a small, but significant number of credits. Enough to upgrade the power plant and FSD on Lucky. Thank fuck!

There was also enough left over to give her a bitchin’ new paint job.


My scavenging work also netted me a promotion to the illustrious rank of “Mostly Aimless”. Seems strangely appropriate since that perfectly describes me at the moment. I mean I know who I’m looking for, but how do you even go about looking for someone like that in 100,000 populated systems? It’s not he’s going to be advertising his presence,. What’s he going to do, put out a lonely hearts bulletin on GalNet? “Ruthless mother fucker seeks like-minded individual for mayhem and righteous murder.”. I just don’t see it somehow!

Short term is easier. I know before I can really start hunting for him I’m going to need more than a basically stock Sidewinder with its 2 pulse lasers and 6 ton cargo hold; no matter how sweet the paint job is. Fortunately my new friends at Dahan are pleased enough with my work that they’re prepared to give me more data courier work, maybe with more adventurous stuff to come.

The jobs don’t pay huge but each one has allowed me to upgrade another part of lucky, and as it do I’m confident taking on more jobs. I’ve studiously avoided fighting, I’ve had a few people interdict me but they say discretion is the better part of valor and I intend to prove them right! A chaff launcher and a bit of luck has helped me out of a couple of jams, and the sidey is a small enough target that once it’s more than a couple of klicks away it’s damn difficult to hit.

So for now I’m just moseying around, picking up work where I can and fitting the Lucky out. Bigger thrusters, a better power distributor, it all adds up. By this point she’s turning into a seriously solid little ship. The only real limit with her is that she’s small. They say that size isn’t everything – but those people never ran cargo courier jobs in a small ship. Much as it will pain me to see her go I may have to start looking at trading her in for something a little more versatile.




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