+++Begin Transmission – Imperial Inquisition: After Action Report+++

+++Inquisitor [REDACTED]+++
+++MAL.013b.3 AAR+++


I am happy to report that I have concluded my reconnaissance of the Malaikudi region.

The entire survey took the better part of 3 days, but I have encountered 4 political movements who can be persuaded to support our goals.

  • In Belenses the local monarchy are kings of nothing but hold great influence with the people.
  • The Imperial Society in Hrymonada have an interest in commerce and a shot at taking Reynolds Park.
  • The Aristocrats of HIP 29804 show potential for causing stir in a system where nothing much happens.
  • Of lesser interest are the Dukes of HIP 31509. They are friendly but weak and would require significant work to be useful to us. This work may yet be necessary.

I request that representatives of these groups in the capital be afforded all assistance you can spare.

Over the coming weeks I will look to undertake actions designed to speed these factions in their ascension to power in the hope of replacing the governments in these 4 systems with oweing their loyalty to our Emperor.

I will further the mission and magnify my own efforts by supporting these factions at the right times. With luck and the Emperor’s grace they will be indebted to us for their rise to power.

Once that is achieved I will begin the process of expanding their support into neighbouring systems.

For the glory of the Emperor and the Chapterhouse.

+++End Transmission – Imperial Inquisition: After Action Report+++


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