+++Begin Transmission – Imperial Inquisition: After Action Report+++

+++Inquisitor [REDACTED]+++
+++MAL.018d AAR+++


I have begun a 3 pronged offensive in the Malaikudi Sector.

The Monarchy of Belenses was already embroiled in a war with the Federal Corporation – Walmir Silver Natural Co. I requisitioned the assistance of one of her Imperial Majesty’s local military units and they ended the war decisively within the course of 3 days.

With the situation in Belenses stabilised I turned my attention to the more stubborn problem of Hrymonada where there is small Imperial patronage with very little local support. I have started systematically collapsing the economy of the local opposition leader so that the Imperial Society could usurp their place. At the same time I have been performing a variety of discrete tasks for Hrymonada Imperial Society; aimed at helping to bolster their support more directly and speed their ascension to power.

Finally 2 of the factions in HIP 29804 are locked in a bitter civil war for possession of one of the local stations. With them occupied I have taken the opportunity to turn the pacifist element of the local population against them, gaining over them without causing unnecessary bloodshed.

I shall keep you apprised of developments.

For the glory of the Emperor and the Chapterhouse.

+++End Transmission – Imperial Inquisition: After Action Report+++


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