It’s all been a bit strange lately, since IPEC won the system and got our own shiny stations. Dex vanished totally, Konnie is also rarely seen (and that is a feat in her new huge ship) and Submarine has seemed somewhat withdrawn.

However, a few weeks ago, Sub offered to buy me a drink and suggested that we take a holiday following all the hard work to win this system. The plan would be to kit up for a long time away and journey towards the edge of the galaxy. I must say that I was a tad wary at first – my previous long trips have not gone well – but he said that he would be coming too and would help me out. Apparently what I needed was lots of fuel and provision enough for a month or two away. Well, that seemed a little counter intuitive; how was I suppose to fill my cocktail racks for two months and still have room for fuel?

I guess I’ll have to make do and Submarine said that he could maybe fit one or two bars for me in his new ship. So I unpacked my Asp from storage and went hunting for the various things I would need.

Unfortunately it appeared that our new home doesn’t sell fuel tanks or ice cream scoops. A quick check around indicated that our other new home, Broccoli, did. So I headed over there, only to find that they had some tanks but were flat out of scoops. My next port of call was our other new home (I know it confuses me too!) but they didn’t have anything at all.

Well, my next port of call was, apparently, Girampie – one of their planets sold everything, so it was reported. I headed off there only to find that they wouldn’t let me anywhere near! They seemed to think it would be dangerous for me to land on a planet when I didn’t have the right hardware fitted. This was all a bit daft really, it cannot be much harder than landing in space.

But hey ho, so i tootled off to the nearest space station and picked up the prerequisites, then popped back to the planet. It turns out that it is far harder to dock on a planet than I thought, and I don’t think they were too happy with the dents I left in their city on my (rather faster than expected) way down.

Still no luck though. I was starting to wonder whether these fuel scoops actually existed. Then Submarine got hold of me to ask how my preparations were coming along, when I told him my lack of luck and that everywhere listed as having these things actually didn’t. He kindly pointed out that I was looking for places that wanted them rather than actually had them, and the place where I had bought my landing thrusters actually sold everything I needed.

He didn’t seem all that happy with the delay. By the time I’d got everything together he’d already left, and left a message for me to follow along. Which I am currently doing, kind of…




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