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Case filed on 30th June 3302

Psychiatric Report: Jester- Flight Leader, 1st Imperial Dragoons, 9th Legion

DOB: 21.09.3275

Alias: ‘Heathen’ – no real name for subject found on record.



Height: 6’1”

Appearance: hair: blonde, shaved at sides in traditional manner of origin, knotted off in dreaded pony tail. Muscular in stature. Right leg amputated and replaced mechanically.

Tattooed from waist up in ancient Norse style, ‘blessing’ tattoos lining right side of scalp.



Dependence on alcohol, aggressive outbursts and an unreasonable willingness to die ‘for his Gods’.



Diagnosis: PTSD, severe depression.

Verdict: Unsuitable For Combat Leadership.





Interviewer: Ok, let’s move away from the Marines. Let’s talk about Malaikudi, where you’re posted.

Patient: Malaikudi – more specifically Leopold Heckman Ring – has been the home of the 9th Legion for over a 155 years. On busy days civilians can see from the spires the Imperial Merchant Navy come in, swarming spots of lights lining up to enter through the air lock, bursting their hulls filled with military supplies and some trade goods for the civilians on the military outpost.

Between the hubbub of cargo ships coming in, if you pay real close attention you can almost make out which ones are the mysterious pilots that form the 9th Legion stationed on the star port.

On the inside the layout of the port is very functional, allowing for the 9th to deploy quickly and without fuss. Unusually for an Imperial space station the décor is less ostentatious; although areas like the bar, the officer’s mess, and officers’ quarters have all the trappings of Imperial finery. And of course, the military quarter wouldn’t be complete without The 9th Legion bar.

[patient lights cigarette]

In this bar you can see all types come and go. Imperial Marines on the way back or way to combat zones, earning their prestige by capturing ships on the inside, or doing land assaults on the planets below the large-scale space battles above. Donning heavy white armour, these men are hard not to see, especially when they buy barrels of fine ale which brings out their loud nature and often lead them to bar fights.

Then you have the Techies and Dock Engineers, naturally covered in flight oil and often greased up from working the ships all day. These men are quiet professionals, tending to keep themselves to the fringes. Much like they are to the Legion: the silent heroes that fix the ships and get on with the job.

Of course, when you have a 9th bar, you need the 9th. If we describe Engineers as silent, then these men and women were born without lips. Working in secrecy and only really being acknowledged by the Senate in the past 84 years, they know how to work in hard conditions and how to get a job done. Often being asked to do what most in the Imperial Navy would think impossible, these ghosts of the Empire command a room just by entering it, causing a hush as they walk over to their colleagues waiting for them.

Obviously, this is a temporary thing, when a new group comes in – and only ever happens in the Ring as to the rest of the Navy the 9th Legion just look like dangerous mercenaries. Often unshaven, occasionally disheveled, but always lethal. The only thing indicating their allegiance to the Empire is the ‘9th’ shoulder patch. Most pilots favour Imperial white flight suits (often with personal modifications for more side arms or quicker weapon release), although a small group of pilots (including the ‘Mysterious Commander’ of the 9th) fly in black flight suits and black ships.




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