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<Open FTL Comms Channel>
<Ping_CMDR Souvarine>
<Ping reply>
<Channel open>

[CMDR Al-Pocalypse]> Whoa, that worked surprisingly easily! Hello Sub, where are you? I’ve been searching for you for weeks now.

[CMDR Souvarine]> Trigger! God, it’s good to see your words. Outgoing comms are down, I couldn’t reach you.

[CMDR Souvarine]> I’m in the Formidine Rift. Where are you?

[CMDR Al-Pocalypse]> What are you doing over there? I’m in a monkey’s head, I searched for you for a while then got a bit lost I’m afraid!

[CMDR Souvarine]> Well you’re in the right place – that’s where the new Barnacle sites are.

[CMDR Souvarine]> I was following a lead. But look, I’ve had a crash.

[CMDR Al-Pocalypse]> Oh no, what happened? Are the stores you were holding for me ok?

[CMDR Souvarine]> Bugger… That all depends on which hold they were in. Let’s say ‘yes’.

[CMDR Souvarine]> I was surveying one of the near moons of a blue gas giant in the Rift, right on the edge of the black region where the stars end. I misjudged the gravitational pull on this leviathan. Couldn’t pull up fast enough, smashed side-on into an ice wall. Tore holes across four or five bulkheads. Depressurised half the ship.

[CMDR Souvarine]> I’ve had to close the blast doors on two decks. I think I’ve got the remaining decks pressurised – but hull integrity is shot to shit and it took me several hours to get the reactor core to talk to the power coupling.

[CMDR Souvarine]> I can fly – just. But everything non-essential is broken or off. I’ve lost access to the mess so I’m living on emergency rations, and half the ship is torn open. The nanobots can only fix so much.

[CMDR Al-Pocalypse]> Maybe if you land on a low G moon, get out in the Scarab and pressure suit and access the damaged parts of your ship from the outside. You should be able to salvage enough supplies to keep you going quite happily, maybe even see if you can make good any of the damage.

[CMDR Souvarine]> Good idea… I’m not much of a mechanic, though. Still, it’s worth a shot.

[CMDR Souvarine]> The real bastard is that I’m so close! Just a few more days and I’d be across the Rift. I should probably cut my losses – do the essential repairs, get the FTL spooling and get back to the Bubble. But I’m so close…

[CMDR Al-Pocalypse]> Keep trying, to be so close and never try is a far deeper regret than to try and fail in the attempt… At least so I’ve been told.

[CMDR Souvarine]> True. But to be so close and be dead is possibly the greatest regret of all (albeit a short-lived one).

[CMDR Souvarine]> How are you doing over there? Any news?

[CMDR Al-Pocalypse]> Some would think that death is better than certain regrets…

[CMDR Al-Pocalypse]> I’m doing very well, I admit I was a tad annoyed when I couldn’t get to Spirograph or Bernard’s nebula, some local authority blighter intercepted me and told me that a load of space is shut off for “health and safety” reasons… But then I thought I’d follow you out via some other nebula, I then landed on a planet in a jellyfish and had a few, since then I got a bit lost and am now somewhere near a monkey’s head.

[CMDR Souvarine]> …Right. Well, that sounds excellent. Good work.

[CMDR Souvarine]> Both the Spirograph and Barnard’s Loop are cordoned off? Would the navigational computer let you jump to them?

[CMDR Al-Pocalypse]> It wouldn’t even entertain the chance of letting me anywhere near! Also suggested that I shouldn’t drink and fly, that shows what it knows.

[CMDR Souvarine]> Hmmmm. Just like Polaris.

[CMDR Souvarine]> Right, well I’m going to try that moon idea of yours. Let’s keep this hoot open on standby – it’s good to know I can contact you, and I’m not sure I can make outbound transmissions.

[CMDR Al-Pocalypse]> I’ll drink to that.

[CMDR Souvarine]> Righto.

[CMDR Souvarine]> Oh, before you go Trigster – what kind of regrets, would you say, are worse than death…?

[CMDR Al-Pocalypse]> Just ramblings.

[CMDR Souvarine]> Ok. Time to get on. Over and out, Trig.

<Channel closed>


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