service_record: “Heathen”

authorization: Pandora


Service Number:336928331
Unit/s:152nd Legate Imperial Marines (Leaches), Imperial Merchant Navy, 1st Imperial Dragoons 9th Legion.
Rank Achieved: Flight Leader

Year Enlisted: 3291.

“Heathen” Jester passed out of the Cubeo Military Academy with a pass, if not a tarnished reputation. Statistically breaking more bones in other students in two years than a dock engineer does in a lifetime, Heathen was reputable and easy to pick out because of his pirate heritage. Claiming to of only been serving the Emperor out of ‘Fate’, Heathen was heavily spiritual, but because of the nature of his gods this lead to violent behaviour and a tendency to use ‘suicide’ tactics.

Heathen lead a distinguished career after graduating; keeping his kill ratio surprisingly low using brute force, forcing civilians to comply with scare tactics and Federal Navy soldiers to surrender by only killing one of them, admittedly in an unsavoury way.

On a tour of breaching party, the Federals were experimenting with an anti-boarding system which caused the cutter charge to blow back – severing Heathens leg and cutting nearby marines in half.

After a long period in rehabilitation in which the doctors admit that the soldier in question was hard work and stubborn, Heathen requested to learn how to be a pilot after being told he would never wear the armour again.

After a short service transporting military supplies and essential goods to Empire-backed factions, Heathen requested to be transferred into the 9th after learning of the Legion on a trip in Malaikudi.

All other service records have been redacted. For further information, please contact the Imperial Curators.


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