Participants- Lieutenant-Commander Ronnie Kane

Flight Leader “Heathen” Jester


Lt-Cmdr. Kane– Come in, Heathen.

FL. Jester– You requested to see me sir?

Lt-Cmdr. Kane– Heathen, you should be in the brig. You behaviour in the debrief was beyond insubordination. Your particular relationship to Damascus is well known, and you should be aware that that – and your service record – are the only reasons you are not facing court martial. That is not an example I will tolerate being set for other pilots more than once. Are we clear?

FL. Jester– Sir, if we knew what we were flying into, maybe we wouldn’t of lost so many pilots. My relationship to the traitor is irrelevant when he’s the one who told the Feds how to kill me and my own. If it were down to me, I would treat him like I do any Fed I get my hands on.

Lt-Cmdr. Kane– You’re not telling me anything I don’t know, Heathen. However, stabbing desks with knives and shouting at superiors will not expedite justice.

I know this unit has become your family – more so than most. But I need you to keep your emotions in check and focus on the objective. Do you understand?

FL. Jester– Understood sir, so what do you plan to do with Damascus?

Lt-Cmdr. Kane– Well. The Legion is stretched, as you know. Command have made it clear that our wider campaign is not be distracted by a dangerous revenge mission which risks elevating frontier skirmishes to full-scale war.

However, every moment that Damascus enjoys Federal hospitality is one in which he could be divulging more military information. He had high clearance; his defection represents the most significant security compromise the 9th has suffered in recent years.

Therefore, it’s imperative that he be taken out as soon as possible – but in a way that’s difficult to trace back to the 9th or the Emperor. I need someone in the field. Someone determined, relentless and capable of sustained autonomous operation. And to be frank, Flight Leader, I think you need something away from this unit to focus on for a while. Are you up to it?

FL. Jester– Ha! My rules of engagement? And limits of methods to track down said steaming shit pile?

Lt-Cmdr. Kane– This one’s kind of ‘off the books’, so you are to utilise any means necessary to achieve your objective. There are no rules of engagement on this one, pilot. There’s no oversight. This means you’re deniable if caught. Do you understand?

FL. Jester– As long as I get to make the bastard squeal like a Fed sir, that’s fine by me.

Lt-Cmdr Kane– That you will.

As a precaution against leaks within the Naval command structure, I’m nominally transferring you to the 1st Lancers division. This will explain your absence from Malaikudi as they’re a deep space reconnaissance unit. You’re to support this if questioned internally.

I’m dispatching your engineer with you on this one, Heathen. He held up well during the ambush – you could use him.

FL. Jester– Understood sir. And yes, the kid did well, his father would be proud. Is there anything you want sir or do I have permission to finish repairs and be on my way?

Lt-Cmdr. Kane-No that’s it pilot, you’re dismissed.

And Heathen – make him squeal for me.

FL. Jester-Gladly, sir.






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