***Message for Angela Jotten, Leopold Heckman Ring***

Sender: Engr Muninn Jotten
Sent from: [REDCATED]

<Voice to Text program initialised>

Hey Mom,

We’ve stopped for supplies so I thought I’d write, seeming as we’ve been on the move for almost 3 weeks and Heathen keeps over heating the cockpit, so this is the first stop I haven’t had to repair anything.

You could say it’s been a bit tense since Boss knocked me out, he made me clean up the living area after we docked again which hasn’t helped anything.

It’s kinda got worse since we found out the main body of the navy took Beta Hydri, making our target bolt. Heathen is having a fit over the fact we’ve been chasing him for weeks now and now we have been pretty much reset to zero, this has let me know that the psycho has axes, freaking axes. I mean who uses axes nowadays?

Anyway, now we had to pay the dock to replace one of the dock vehicles. Heathens been on comms to headquarters. Apparently we’re being re-tasked, the chatter from other 9th engineers is that we’re going to “bring the hurt” maybe you’ll even see what we do on GalNet.

How’s dad? Is he still trying to get that Python working? Working on Huginn has helped a lot in finishing my education, tell Dad I’m remembering the lessons he told me.

Heathens not the man I thought he was. Day by day I see why the Marines didn’t want to work with him and I want to know what brought him to this level.

I’ve got to go mum, Heathen’s broke his leg again.

I miss you.




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