Sender: [codename: octopus]
Recipient: PH Souvarine
Date: 22.07.3302
Subject: Objective updated


<message begins>

Agent Souvarine,

I’ve received a transmission from ‘Al-Pocalypse’. He says he’s lost contact with you.

He told me about the accident and the damage you sustained. Can I just say that I find it totally irresponsible that you made the decision to continue deeper into the Rift, after that incident? I would be shocked were this not entirely predictable behaviour from you.

You are no use to the Company dead, agent. Make contact.

I need you to return to CD-63 201. There’s been a development – the Hirapa Empire League have established an office here, at Clapperton Enterprise. They haven’t shown signs of any expansionist intentions as yet, despite Mr Serrano having had them under close surveillance for the last two weeks, but we don’t know what their goals are and we need to establish how we should respond to this encroachment.

I believe you have had dealings with them in the past on the Company’s behalf – a Ms Vasse? We have reason to believe that she is amongst the staff of their new office here. I need to you make contact with Ms Vasse, Agent, and probe her for information. On the off-chance she does not consider you a total imbecile she may give away more than she would to a stranger. You are not as yet acting in an official capacity, though she may well guess that your overtures are not without endorsement. Get back here, report, get to Clapperton and find out what they’re doing here.

But first – damn well let me know you’re ok, Phin.



<message ends>


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