Extract from the Alioth Herald, 26th July 3302


Security was on high alert today in the Luchoer system, as the well-known Communist agitator Etiene Denain came to the end of his four-year sentence at the orbital prison Truman Reformatory.

He was transported from the facility in a heavily armoured Core Dynamics Vulture. While the press were prohibited from entering the station’s no fire zone, many eyes were nevertheless on the military ship and its escorts.

The former slave is widely known throughout the Empire for his involvement in several criminal incidents over the years, and his organisation, the Twin Candles, has been linked to Communist uprisings in several frontier systems. Although he is on many official blacklists, his anti-slavery cause is an emotive one and he is believed to enjoy wide support amongst the Empire’s poorer worlds.

The Shield of Justice will no doubt be watching closely.


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