<private server communique>

Sender: Flight Control
Recipient: E. Martuuk
Subject: Wrecked Anaconda


Ms Martuuk

A pilot has requested to see you. It’s not one of the normal lot.

We got an unresolved contact at around 02:30 GST. We pinged a hail and received a garbled response.

The contact resolved at around 8km – Sierra Oscar Uniform, a Faulcon DeLacy Anaconda class ship. Again, partial transmission. We flagged the vessel and issued a standard caution.

The ship continued to intermittently broadcast garbled comms, bearing towards the base. Assuming the vessel intended a landing, we allocated a large pad and set turrets to ‘alert’.

When the ship came into visual range we saw that it was a wreck. Most of the starboard side was ripped open; hull panels visibly hanging off. Most of the inner decks were obviously depressurised. The damage wasn’t fresh, either – the ruined bulkheads had signs of embedded hyperspace burn, and solar corrosion was evident on the blackened, exposed innards of the ship.

The landing thrusters were clearly only semi-operational, and the landing gear took nearly a full minute to deploy. It was obvious that they hadn’t been used in months.

We scrambled a med team to the bay immediately and brought the broken ship down into the hangar.

The pilot has been under induced unconsciousness since the arrival. There were no other crew. It’s not obvious whether there were more before whatever accident befell the vessel – the pilot was barely coherent and deeply malnourished. He was garbling about space beyond some ‘rift’ place, and shipwrecks and the like.

Our technicians guess that the ship hasn’t seen dock for several months, and that it’s been limping along like this for much of that time. It’s a miracle that the jump drives and fuel coupling aren’t more badly damaged.

We’ll hold the ship here until the pilot wakes up. We await further direction.


<message ends>


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